Why Fertility Expo

Fertility issues impact more people in Bangladesh every year and it is a “wave” that is silently growing like all over the world. This health problem not only affects one’s ability to have children, but also has emotional, economical, psychological, family and societal effects. Infertility affects both men and women. Yet women, particularly in our country, may bear the sole blame for barren marriages. In many areas infertility is a socially acceptable basis for divorce by the husband.


As a result, in our days more men and women are talking about their fertility issues: couples are seeking the expertise of a fertility professional, by being more proactive about their reproductive health with lack of all the essential information about the options available. Most of the people even don’t know why infertility occurs in both men and women and where best to seek care. Today, however, available treatments are more accessible and effective than ever before. To choose the right methods, future parents have to find the relevant information needed to start their unique trip to parenthood.


Considering the fact we thought this kind of exhibition, where all would get essential support, necessary guidance and best advice about fertility issue.  All will have the opportunity to find all the answers they need to their questions, under one roof!


Why You Should Join

The Fertility Expo will give you all the essential information about the options available to become a parent. This kind of exhibition is the ideal place to visit for support, guidance and advice about fertility issues. There will be various exhibitors such as fertility clinics, and experts, as well as an extensive program of speeches and presentations, all in one place, under one roof.

Apart from that, there are many other significant reasons to visit the Fertility Expo you can:

  • Ovulation Induction
  • Male & Female factors and their treatment
  • Endoscopy in Infertility
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • All Treatment Options including IVF, ICSI
  • What New in Infertility
If you want to become a parent and get trusted and reliable information from the leading medical professionals, just book your e-ticket and experience the Fertility Expo!