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Fertility Expo is the first exhibition related to IVF and assistive reproduction in Bangladesh and already has the recognition of majority of health professionals and scientific community.

During the expo, there will be several speeches from acclaimed best fertility experts/professionals/scientist and open and long QA sessions. Whereas its exhibitors will include local, national and international exhibitors such as IVF Clinics, pharmaceutical companies and a marketplace with products to buy.

Exhibitors will benefit from their participation at Fertility Expo, through:

  • Meeting your target audience
  • Networking with Industry Experts & Professionals
  • Promotional actions for the exhibition, on Major Television & Radio Stations, Printing Press, Social Media and Google’s Search
  • Participate in a spectrum of presentations, workshops, and seminars
  • Build your reputation and increase the awareness and profile of your business, services or products
  • Be up to date with the latest issues of fertility experts and your competitors
Do the right step for achieving your professional goals, by exhibiting your company in Fertility Expo.

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