The Answers to AlmostAll Your Questions

This is a big event open for all the registered participants. You will be provided what has been promised for with the ticket. Yet, if you have any other questions, you can look for the answers here. Or you can call our support number 01701 66 54 67

Can I consult with physician personally?

Yes you will be in their specific booths and talk to them with your specific problem.

Can I show my previous medical documents while meeting physician in booth?

If time allow it would be possible. Again, it depends on the time and decisions of the specific physician.

Can I take food from outside?

Outside food is not allowed but every participant will enjoy free snack and   coffee/tea. You can buy food from the café inside venue.

Can I ask my questions to faculty at sessions?

Yes, You will have almost 45 minutes to ask only question to your faculty in each session.

Is it mandatory to bring Spouse?

It’s not mandatory. It would be better if you bring your spouse. In that case, you would have to go for "Couple" ticket.

Do I need to bring printed copy of ticket?

It’s not mandatory. Its better if you can bring the printed copy of ticket. Otherwise, the SMS / Email will suffice.

Any scope for Spot Registration?

No. There is no scope for Spot Registration.